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Sustainability at Smith & Green

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Smith & Green take the environment and sustainability very seriously.
We take care to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum.

We also ensure that we reduce any waste to an absolute minimum.

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Measures that we take include.

  • Using shared transport from the EU so the Lorries are always full and not delivering small loads.

  • This helps keep transport movements to a minimum.

  • We only receive flowers in returnable and re-usable plastic containers.

  • This means we have zero cardboard waste and zero packaging waste.

  • Any cardboard boxes we do receive are collected from our clients and re used many times.

  • Because we only work and supply to order we have zero waste on our products.

  • We are proud to say we throw away nothing, as we never have any un sold stock.

  • We also source as many British flowers and plants as possible thus reducing unnecessary transport miles.

  • We also source flowers packed in bio degradable wraps and keep plastic waste to the absolute  minimum.

  • Smith & Green are also supporters of fair trade flowers.

  • We buy as much as possible from Africa and Ecuador to help support poorer economies.

Flowers in Degradable Wrap.jpg
Recycle symbol.jpg
We are as a company proud to say that our waste is virtually zero each year.

We are also proud to keep our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum so helping the environment for future generations.
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Flowers in Degradable Wraps.jpg

Images shown on this page are flowers in degradable or recyclable wraps and buckets ready for return.

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